Our Rates Remain Steady While CD Rates See a Decline.

August 4, 2015
by Bankers Life Insurance

Researching investment options and still avoiding the commitment? We understand your hesitations but the longer you wait, the less time your investment has to produce.

Have you ever heard of a Certificate of Deposit (CD)? Of course you have. And why do people typically choose a CD? Most likely because they haven’t explored the option of an annuity. We get it. It’s comfortable to invest with your lifetime bank. We understand that you know the teller and there is a certain joy that comes from leaving with a cherry flavored sucker.

But, here’s the game changer. Did you now that CD rates continue to decrease while the rates of our annuities have remained steady since May? Oh and we’ve got options. One of which can earn interest on your principal while simultaneously beating the rates offered at your bank. Contact a Bankers agent today to review our products and see which investment can get you on the fast track to a comfortable investment and an even more relaxing retirement.

Stop, Drop and Roll: 3 Steps to A Better Retirement.

July 17, 2015
by Bankers Life Insurance

Does the thought of your retirement fund (or the lack of it) keep you up at night? Are you unsure of how to start the saving process? Most importantly, do you fear it’s too late? We’ve got some good news for you. It’s never too late and we’ve got 3 ways to get you started, today.

  1. Stop. Stop losing sleep because you feel out of control. “Whether it's cutting back on some of your expenses or adding a little more to your savings," Matt Schulz, a senior industry analyst at creditcards.com says, "small things can help you feel like you have a little bit more control over the situation."
  2. Drop. Drop everything and make a plan. Moving a little to savings or pulling back on the entertainment spending can help, but having a hard nose plan with well thought out investments will get you where you really want to be. While we’re at it, drop your bad habits as well. By making a plan, you’ll also be dropping your bad spending habits and making your plan the replacement habit. This is when you really start to see results.
  3. Roll. If you stop losing sleep by taking control, drop bad habits and make a plan, you’ll be rolling in it.

Ask yourself, “What can I do now to take me where I want to be later?” Talk with a Bankers Life Insurance Company agent today to get your retirement on track. It’s never too late to start saving today.

Risky Business? No Thanks. I’ll Take A Fixed Annuity.

June 15, 2015
by Bankers Life Insurance

When it comes to retirement, risk is the last card you want to be holding. While the stock market may seem appealing with his “high” reward investment returns, there is no guarantee for portfolio growth. There is even less of a chance for those with no investor discipline.

Looking for an investment opportunity with assured return and self placed discipline? Fixed annuities offer guaranteed interest rates with income options for a certain period or even lifetime.

“Annuities should be viewed as the workhorse within an investor’s overall portfolio. While they may not produce big, sexy stock market returns, they do grow at a respectable pace, offer guarantees on growth and/or future income and can serve as an important component to an overall investment portfolio,” says Hersh Stern with Immediate Annuities.

Be sure to include a fixed annuity in your investment portfolio for guaranteed growth and future income. Check with your advisor about a Bankers Life Insurance Company fixed annuity today or check out our available products for more information.

3 Reasons Why You Should Ask Your Advisor About A Fixed Annuity

May 18, 2015
by Bankers Life Insurance

Guaranteed and predictable. These are two words that don’t typically come to mind when you think about the future. But when you think about your financial future, with the right investments, these terms don’t have to be far off.

If you’re looking for a steady stream of income for retirement, a fixed annuity can offer just that. With many investors risking loss by economic downturn, investing in a vehicle that guarantees your rate of return makes for a winning decision. Whether you’re thinking of yourself or the financial security of your loved ones, we’ve got 3 reasons why should be asking your advisor about fixed annuities.

  1. Your spouse will be taken care of.
    If anything should happen and you become extremely ill or find yourself needing the services of a nursing home, a fixed annuity guarantees a continued source of income for your spouse.
  2. Liquidity is a must.
    While many long-term investments can seem overwhelming with commitment, fixed annuities offer the ease of liquidity for more flexible and less demanding terms.
  3. Tax Benefits.
    If you aren’t convinced yet, this one should seal the deal. Because earnings are not taxed until withdrawals, your investment earns interest on principal, interest on interest and interest on tax savings.

Still not convinced? Contact a Bankers Life Insurance agent in your area and get answers to all your investment questions.

SPDA-7 Credited Rate Still Strong At A 2.9% Rate

October 21, 2014
by Bankers Life Insurance

Due to the recent stock market changes, rates have seen variations of their own. One thing that hasn’t changed is our NEW SPDA-7 annuity rate that holds at 2.9%.

With the SPDA-7 tax-deferred, interest bearing annuity, you'll enjoy a 7-year guaranteed rate. Unlike a CD, your principal earns interest, your interest earns interest and the money you would have paid in tax earns interest.

Explore our product pages to find current rates on all of our great products and discover which option is best for you.

One thing that has not changed at Bankers Life Insurance Company is our exceptional customer care. No automation. No joke. Call us today at 800.839.2731 to get started on your investment journey.

Alternative Investments Run Hot and Cold

August 30, 2012
by David Port via LifeHelpPro

While the investment community continues to buzz about alternative investments, performance concerns may be tempering that enthusiasm, according to new research. The buzz surrounding alternatives remains strong. In Natixis Global Asset Management’s 2012 U.S. Advisor Study, roughly half (49%) of the 163 U.S. advisors who responded (representing approximately $670 billion in assets under management) said they regularly employ alternative investing strategies across their client base. Within that segment, 79% said they do so to improve diversification, 68% to reduce risk, 51% to enhance returns, and 42% to dampen volatility.

That enthusiasm is doused somewhat by results of the fourth annual U.S. alternative investments survey by Morningstar and Barron's. Overall, financial institutions reported a retreat in interest and investment in alternatives in 2011 after three consecutive years of growth. According to Morningstar and Barron’s, the $23.2 billion in alternative mutual funds inflows in 2011 represented a drop of $1.8 billion from 2010. What’s more, 26% of the institutions surveyed indicated they plan to allocate more than a quarter of their portfolios to alternative investments, down from 37% in the previous survey.

Still, a majority of advisors (64%) indicated in the Natixis survey that they are apt to employ alternative investment strategies for mass-market clients with $200,000 to $300,000 in investable assets. What kinds of alternative investments are they most apt to use? According to Morningstar and Barron's, institutions identified long/short equity (or debt) and private equity/venture capital as the top two strategies for increased allocation, followed by managed futures. For the second consecutive year, advisors cited managed futures as the asset to which they were most likely to increase their exposure.