About Us

At Bankers Life Insurance Company, we are known for our high annuity rates and superior customer service.

Since our founding in 1976, we’ve grown to become a preferred provider of annuity products – financial products tailored to meet the individual investment needs and the unique financial plans of our customers and business partners. We focus on optimizing our portfolio for stability and to be less prone to market volatility.

Our strategic use of reinsurance to reduce liability and add capital and surplus, combined with our commitment to disciplined management of expenses positions us to continue to grow our business.

And as we grow stronger, your financial future does, too.

With our talented group of associates, substantial liquid assets, the ability to protect the interests of policyholders and business partners alike, we have the momentum to continue to move ahead with confidence. Whether you are an investor seeking high-rate alternatives to CDs or an agent/broker seeking to expand your offerings, we invite you to share in our continued success. We are Bankers Life Insurance Company, your preferred partner in building your financial future.

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